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Nolvadex (Altamofen): What Bodybuilders Need to Know About Altamofen

A SERM, or selective estrogen receptor modulator, is another type of drug that goes by the trade name Nolvadex or by the generic name tamoxifen citrate. This medication is widely used for post-cycle therapy and as an anti-estrogen by anabolic steroid users.

Nolvadex is beneficial from a medical standpoint and for steroid users who are worried about specific side effects since, as we will see, it is quite selective in its targeting of the breast tissue. Because of this, Nolvadex is referred to as “Selective,” which is a reference to the fact that medications in this class only affect particular areas of the body.

What is Nolvadex (Altamofen)?                                                                                                                     

The chemical component and generic name for Nolvadex is tamoxifen citrate. It is available as tablets with strengths of 10 mg or 20 mg each. This medication is only available by prescription and cannot be acquired without one.

Nolvadex has no direct impact on the body’s estrogen levels. Instead, it binds to certain estrogen receptors, stopping the hormone from attaching and, as a result, from working normally. Although Nolvadex is highly effective in the breast region, it can also act as an estrogen agonist in other areas of the body, primarily affecting the liver.

Before you get worried about estrogen activity, remember that some estrogenic activity in the liver has a positive effect on cholesterol. Since some steroids have a negative impact on cholesterol, Nolvadex’s additional advantage is welcomed by steroid users.

Benefits of Using Nolvadex (Altamofen)

  1. Prevents gynecological problems 

Yes, we are aware that we just talked about how Nolvadex can prevent gynecomastia. But since it’s one of the main advantages, we think it’s vital to bring it up once more.

The abnormal development of male breast tissue is known as gynecomastia. Nipple soreness is its primary symptom in moderate cases, but in severe cases, fatty deposits that resemble breast tissue will develop. Nolvadex is one of the best PCTs available, and it is unmatched when it comes to preventing and/or treating gyno.

  1. Restores Hormone Balance 

The major goal of PCT, however, is to return hormone levels to their pre-steroid use levels after a steroid cycle.

Steroids are artificial testosterone equivalents with identical biological properties. The issue is that using steroids would result in far higher testosterone levels than would otherwise be the case.

  1. Simple to Use 

Even though Nolvadex is frequently used during or towards the end of a steroid cycle, it is much less difficult to take than other steroids. Simply swallow the tablets orally like you would a headache medication or vitamin supplement; there are no uncomfortable injections to contend with.

It goes without saying that taking a tablet as opposed to injecting a sharp object into your body carries far fewer hazards.

  1. Stress-Relieving 

Following a steroid cycle, cortisol levels in the body are typically high. Anxiety and stress are caused by the stress hormone cortisol. Your immune system may suffer, you may get spots and blemishes, and you can even become sad.

Additionally, testosterone synthesis is naturally reduced by cortisol. Unwanted cortisol levels in the body are evident, and Nolvadex can help with this.

Nolva can help stop the production of cortisol, which can lessen stress and encourage relaxation.

Nolvadex: Possible Side Effects

The majority of Nolvadex’s side effects have been connected to its use as a SERM for women with breast cancer. However, because it has been taken by male anabolic steroid users for a long time, there is enough anecdotal data and firsthand knowledge to identify some of the negative effects that are frequently seen by men. We will omit discussing Nolvadex side effects for breast cancer patients for the sake of this article.

In addition to having a distinct effect on a woman’s body, the drug is also used for a lot longer in cancer treatments than it is in post-cycle therapy or when men take steroids to reduce the negative effects of estrogen. Because of this, there is less need to worry about the side effects of Nolvadex use over the long run.

What are some long-term side effects of Nolvadex use, either while on cycle or during post-cycle therapy, that you should be aware of?

  1. Although not very common in terms of the number of cases, acne is thought to be Nolvadex’s most likely side effect. This is because as your testosterone levels increase, some men may have acne as a side effect. However, not all men are susceptible to acne, so if you aren’t, you’re unlikely to encounter this side effect.
  2. Although it is conceivable, nausea or abdominal cramping are exceedingly uncommon side effects that very few men will ever experience while using Nolvadex.

Cognitive impairment, hot flashes, and even various types of cancer are side effects of Nolvadex for cancer treatment; however, they are not understood to constitute a risk to men taking the drug for performance-enhancing objectives.

The best way to reduce or completely avoid the possibility of long-term negative effects from Nolvadex is to maintain an appropriate dosage.

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