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Shoulder workouts bodybuilding study is divided into front, middle and rear beam deltoid muscle, so while the specialization on the study of the shoulder girdle need to build your training split so that You were able to break shoulders exercise at least two. The point is that the shoulder joint fulfills a lot of functions and of the Deltoid, unlike many other muscles, perform daily job, so to train them to be slow and hard. And since the shoulders receive the load and during exercise other muscle groups, there is a need of such an organization of a sequence of workouts to train the beams of the Deltoids managed to reach a state of supercompensation at the time of their subsequent workout. In this regard, for an accented elaboration of the shoulder girdle you must apply a specialized training program, and how to do this, we will consider in this article.

Features shoulder workouts bodybuilding derived from the anatomy of the shoulder girdle. First, the shoulder joint is the most functional joints in the human body. We can raise up, lower down, to back, bring forward, make a circular motion, which implies two conclusions. The first conclusion – the shoulder joint is exposed to higher traumatic, the second conclusion – the shoulder joint can be trained very diverse exercises. Secondly, the beams of the Deltoids are just beams, they are separated from each other by muscle fascia, so it’s not just the segments of one muscle is, relatively speaking, different muscles that perform different functions. From these two features stems the conclusion that Deltoid should train differently, and if the front Deltoid well develop presses, middle and rear Deltoid develop thrust.


Deltoid muscle shoulder differ not only in the functions they perform, but also in size. The biggest deltoid muscle of the shoulder girdle is the Deltoid front, the smallest back, and the average Deltoid, located in the middle of the shoulder, and the size is average. But, if the functions of the front and rear of the Deltoid are very different from each other as the forward Deltoid is responsible for the excretion of the hand forward and back in the allotted her in the side and back, the functions of the middle and rear Deltoid overlap. So, during exercise the weaker rear of the Deltoid, You must ensure that the average Deltoid did not steal her load. Mostly shoulder workouts bodybuilding is the study of the deltoids because their hypertrophy is most noticeable, but it is not only the muscles that comprise the shoulder, so let’s understand that we’re actually going to train.

Deltoid is the biggest muscle of the shoulder girdle, which also is on the surface. It is due to this muscle is mainly exercised by the rotation of the shoulder joint. Consists of three muscle bundles, which vary in size and the functions they perform. The muscle starts at the clavicle and ends at the deltoid tuberosity, covering the entire area of the shoulder joint. To train this muscle of shoulder can, as the push exercise, if we are talking about the front of the Deltoid, and traction, if we are talking about middle and back deltoid muscle.

Supraspinatus muscle located in the supraspinous fossa of the scapula, in its function it is to lead hands ago, so it is possible to use pulling movements to pump the rear beam deltoid muscle. This muscle covers the top of the trapezius and deltoid muscles, so apparently this muscle was not completely noticeable, however, when she is tense, it still can be felt. Trains during the execution of the con in a long amplitude.

The infraspinatus muscle is located in the infraspinatus fossa of the scapula, is responsible for supination of the shoulder joint, while the external muscles covering it only partially, so it’s one of those small muscles, which makes sense to train. To train the infraspinatus muscle of the shoulder You are a supination of the shoulder joint.

Small round muscle – the muscle that makes up the lower part of the infraspinatus muscle, so it performs the same function and work exactly the same. However to focus the load on this section of the infraspinatus muscle will not work.

Big round muscle – this muscle adheres tightly to the widest muscles of the back, with the functions which it is closely connected. This muscle performs the function of pronation, that is, it is the antagonist of the infraspinatus muscle. The shape of this muscle is not quite round, it is more like a quadrangle but during the reduction it attains a rounded shape.

Subscapularis muscle is a strong muscle that helps to take the arm back and perform Michaud shoulder joint. This muscle is located on the upper surface of the blade and located in the subscapular fossa and attaches it to a small tubercle of the humerus. Exercise this muscle of the shoulder girdle may in the abduction hands back at right angles.


To date, bodybuilding has developed two diametrically opposite points of view at the expense of shoulder workouts bodybuilding. Some argue that the shoulders should train the presses, all exercises should be performed with maximum quality. Others say that the development of the width of the shoulder girdle should be used thrust and Mahi, and the priority is not technology, but the kerb weight. Actually, both are right, just one type of workout is suitable for beginners to competitive athletes and the second for the more advanced. In this case we are talking about how to specialize in the development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, so we will consider the second option. If You are a beginner, You should familiarize yourself with the basic principles of pumping shoulders here in this article.

Why the priority weight than technique? The fact that the specialization is usually performed when some kind of muscle group of the athlete behind, and lag is something that can only be the case if the athlete already has a well-developed musculature. In other words, by the time of specialization training on shoulders athlete already experienced, and, therefore, he has a good muscular feel. On the other hand, the hypertrophy of the muscles, as You must know, it is a complex process of adaptation to the ever-increasing load due to the synthesis of protein structures, and this process is very labor-intensive for the body, so at this step it is extremely not willingly.

In this regard, in order to ensure the progression of the loads and, as a consequence, hypertrophy of shoulder girdle muscles, an athlete should give preference to working weights. At the same time, progress must come at the expense of the target muscle groups, so even if You use the technique of cheating, it is still loading You will need to accumulate in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and how to implement it in practice we will describe below.

Why thrust, not presses? The fact that the width of the shoulder girdle is responsible, mainly, middle Deltoid, and for the correctness of the form of shoulder – back. The point is that the rear Deltoid is always lagging, because to steal a load of it easier, which is why we it is important to focus, in particular, on it. Front Deltoid and so trains in all presses barbell or dumbbells, but the middle and rear Deltoid could load it pulls and swings, and, since the priority of the us middle and back of the Deltoid, the priority during training shoulders is to pay it, and the exercises that develop the targeted muscle groups. At the same time, this does not mean that the front of the Deltoid should not be trained. Need! But the priorities are the rear and middle of the Deltoid.

Cheating is a sensational technique which usually start to use just intuitive, but the cheating, though, is a “deception,” but deception with a purpose, namely to create the required stress in the muscles to promote hypertrophy. The point is that You should not make his task easier, and to complicate it, so the load shall be retained in the target muscles. In this case, if we are talking about training the shoulders, the key thing is the position of the wrist to the elbow and position the elbow towards the floor. Elbows should always be above your hands, and always look up. If You follow this rule, then the load will remain in the Deltoids, if You raise the brush above the elbow, or elbows will start to look at the floor, then the load is immediately shifted to the latissimus dorsi. You can do the exercises in the partial amplitude can in the dead center to straighten his back, helping himself thus to throw the dumbbell, but the position of the elbow always remains the same.

Comprehensive sets – this is also an advanced way of training your shoulders, which involves performing two or more exercises for the same muscle group without rest between sets. For example, You can run the thrust rod to the chin and then swings with dumbbells. But it is important to remember that the Deltoid front and medium rear are antagonists, so the bench standing up and thrust rod to the chin will not be a comprehensive set and super series.

Supersets is a method of training such as integrated sets, but combine the exercise for the same muscle group, and muscle antagonists. And in that and in other case it is recommended to perform at least 10 repetitions in the approach to every muscle, as the rest between sets is just a minute long, so if You are too fast to run the super series, then the total time will be too short and the glycogen stores will not have time to recover. On the contrary, the point of this technology is to inject into the muscle the blood, so it is better to prefer high reps to each approach took 50-60 seconds.


The Deltoid front is a pushing muscle, so it is best to train with the other deltoid muscles, back muscles, biceps or legs. This does not mean that the front of Deltoid you can not train with the chest, or triceps, but such training will be of a supporting character. However, it is possible that You don’t need to train it the Deltoid front, because, again, the width of the shoulder girdle is primarily responsible average beam deltoid muscle.

The middle and rear Deltoid are the target bundles of the deltoid muscle if we are talking about specialization training on your shoulders, to increase their volume. To train these beams is possible with the front beam Deltoids, legs, chest or triceps. As for the rear beam, it should be purely train using maximum weight, but that You are able to control. Principles of training of the average beam described above, their essence is the priority of high operating weights. At the same time, it should be emphasized that much weight does not mean the displacement of the load in the joints, so you should not try to do the exercises have to be the full amplitude, it is also important to efficiently warm up and remember that the shoulder joint is the most fragile joint in the human body! In this case, You must follow the General rules of the workouts in the gym and be sure to keep a training diary.


Monday – shoulders
Sitting bench press – 5 sets of 12 reps
Thrust rod to the chin – 5 sets of 12 reps
Breeding hands with dumbbells – 4 sets of 12 reps
Arnold press – 4 sets of 15 reps
Sragi – 4 sets of 20 reps
The layout of dumbbell – 4 sets of 15 reps

Tuesday – legs
Squats – 5 sets of 10 reps
The leg press – 4 sets of 15 reps
Romanian deadlifts – 4 sets of 12 reps
Hyperextension – 4 sets of 20 reps
Lifting on socks – 3 sets of 20 reps

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – shoulders, chest and triceps
Superset (2 exercises):
Thrust rod to the chin – 5 sets of 15 reps
Wiring dumbbells – 5 sets of 15 reps
Bench angle – 5 sets of 12 reps
Dumbbell bench press angle – 4 sets of 12 reps
French bench press – 4 sets of 15 reps

Friday – rest

Saturday – back and biceps with triceps
Thrust rod in the slope – 4 sets of 10 reps
Pullups wide grip – 4 sets to the max
Thrust T of the neck – 4 sets of 12 reps
California bench – 5 sets of 12 reps
Lifting barbells for biceps – 5 sets of 12 reps

Sunday – rest

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